Community Response Map Niger collected feedback from migrants in transit as part of the ‘Supporting Informed Migrations in Niger’ project. This feedback collected by migrants in transit centres from Dec 2014 to June 2016 gave insight on countries of origin, intended countries of destination, reason for migrating among other key information. The geostrategic situation and porosity of Nigerien borders attracts migrants and has turned Niger into the most-travelled route for West and Central Africans. All routes pass through Agadez, the largest city in central Niger that lies in the Sahara and which has become a main regional hub for migrants.



The collection and processing of personal data are necessary components of IOM’s commitment to facilitate migration movements, understand migration challenges, and respect the human dignity and well-being of migrants. IOM’s data protection policies are instituted to protect the interests of IOM beneficiaries, as well as the Organization itself. Data protection is paramount for the safe exchange, secure storage and confidential treatment of personal data.

IOM takes all reasonable and necessary precautions to preserve the confidentiality of personal data and the anonymity of data subjects. All personal data are be collected, used, transferred and stored securely in accordance with the IOM data protection principles.